My name is Dinie van Buuren, born in 1955 in De Bilt and self-taught. I love to share a bit of my world with you, my painting world. I see myself as a hobby artist but that does not diminish my passion ... I enjoy sitting behind my easel and trying to get onto the canvas as it appears in my head. Form, color and movement and especially discover what is possible and what I like.Often I take photos that I use or I get an idea from. I prefer to work with oil paints because I love the technique of mixing on the canvas. At the moment I paint at home in the extra room that I have at my appartment. Space, light, doors open from my balcony. After a difficult period in my life I have the feeling that the pleasure and the desire to paint come back. Delicious. Also regularly read my blog for the latest stories ... and of course the exhibitions that I still participate in. And if you like it you can always make an appointment to come and visit me at home. See you soon?